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SPSCS-35ACT, Acetone Sprayer 3 Gallon with Tire Valve, Compression Sprayer (CS-35ACT)

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 The 3 gallon 35ACT is equipped with the SP Systems International exclusive pump assembly made from highly resistant materials that are totally impervious to acetone. The Spray gun supplied with the 35 ACT is equipped with a filter and brass spindle.

As an extra safety measure, the sprayer comes standard with a pressure relief valve that activates at +42 psi to prevent over pressurization and to hand-release any pressure remaining in the tank after use.

The high-density polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors is even more durable than steel. A wide funnel mouth makes for easy and fast filling and the 35ACT has the stainless steel rod in pump plunger for better durability.

The 59" EPDM chemical resistant rubber hose drains from the bottom of the tank, allowing the tank to be completely emptied and eliminating the need for a siphon tube. A steel spring hose wrap at the entry point to the tank prevents kinking.




  • A new extra large funnel opening for easier, faster, safer spill free filling.




  • Stainless steel hardware "corrosion free" hardware




  • High density polyethylene tanks with UV protection




  • New and improved shoulder strap for added comfort




  • A steel spring hose wrap at tank prevents kinking




  • Sprayers drain from the bottom, allowing you to easily empty the contents of the tank - thus a siphon tube is NOT require




  • Comes with a ¼ oz. container of silicone grease to keep seals supple and pliable




  • 100% of the SP Systems International sprayers are factory tested  









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